"Flux Studios team are on top of their game and they

have an amazing selection of gear that is well maintained."


Engineer (Weezer, Everclear)




The Dungeon room, acoustically tuned by Vicoustics and powered by Focal Trio11 Be + dual Sub6 speaker system, provides an impeccable listening environment for modern music production. Outfitted with a 9.1.4 DOLBY ATMOS setup powered by Focal speakers and managed by Trinnov room correction system, this room is ideal for mixing in both stereo and spacial audio formats, as well as providing an inviting atmosphere for producing, writing and recording.

The full Pro Tools HDX system, featuring 16 I/O via an Avid HD IO along with a Universal Audio Apollo x8, is readily accessible via thunderbolt for producers who want to work on their own computer and still have access to the room’s gear.  The built in computer features Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live 9, as well as an up to date series of UAD Complete, Sonnox, Soundtoys, FabFilter, and NI Komplete plugins, and the Waves Horizon Bundle.

The 208sq ft control room is designed to accommodate writing sessions with easy access to keyboards and instruments. It boasts an assortment of preamps and compressors by brands such as Avalon, dbx, Shadow Hills, Dangerous Music, Universal Audio and API among others. The center of the studio is a 24 channel Digidesign D-Command digital console.

The accompanying 250sq ft live room has concrete floors and a 12ft ceiling height with a separate vocal booth and an amp iso. Flux Studios has a long list of instruments including a collection of analog synths perfect for writing and tracking sessions.

“Flux is one of the only studios in New York that truly feels like home when you’re there. From the engineers to the gear to the control and live rooms.

I’ve worked on countless projects there, I’ll work on countless more.”



“It's more than just the Neve console, vintage mics, grand piano and New York's finest musical equipment, Flux, feels like a community. 



(MGMT, The Beach Boys, Sean Lennon)