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"Flux Studios team are on top of their game and they

have an amazing selection of gear that is well maintained."


Engineer (Weezer, Everclear)


Fabulous Focus

The Fabulous Room is a mixing and mastering studio featuring the highest quality analog and digital gear for a super clean signal flow.It boasts a full assortment of outboard by Dangerous, Neumann, GML, Mercury, API and many others. Ample space and a flawless listening environment via Focal monitors make it a premier mixing and mastering facility.

The Fabulous room also houses an arsenal of vintage analog and hard to find synths making it a perfect room for writing and producing. Inspiration comes rapidly when sitting in front of a real CS80 or a perfect Prophet V, Octave Cat or MS20 among others. 

The Fabulous room, like all Flux Studios rooms, is 100% Thunderbolt compatible, allowing visiting producers and engineers to use their personal computers to drive the room’s infrastructure if they desire to do so. It’s the fastest and easiest way to convert a home studio project into a professional project without export and plugin hassles.

“I had two wonderful experiences there, and I loved both the process and the result.”


Artist (The Dø)

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