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Danegrous live room at Flux recording studios, with a Yamaha C6 grand piano, hammond C3 organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, various electric guitars, all in a cozy  beautiful room perfect for live tracking, composing,  shooting video
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- dangerous room -

“Flux has a very comfortable feel. Great location.”


Manager / A&R Consultant

Dangerous control room at Flux recording studios with a 1974 custom Neve analog console, Focal speakers, a variety of outboard hardware equipment


Dangerous focus

Dangerous Room offers a 36-channel 1974 NBC custom all discrete Neve console, a Pro Tools HDX system with 40 channels of Avid HD I/O, Kii3 nearfield speaker system, PSI Audio A25M mains, and Auratones, and the best selection of vintage and modern outboard gear as well as a full assortment of up to date plugins, including the complete UAD collection, Waves Horizon bundle and all Avid, Sonnox, Soundtoys, and Arturia plugins among others.

1974 analog Neve console in Dangerous control room with Focal speakers at Flux recording studios

The Dangerous room, like all Flux Studios’ rooms, is 100% Thunderbolt compatible, allowing visiting producers and engineers to use their personal computers to drive the room’s infrastructure if they desire to do so. It’s the fastest and easiest way to convert a home studio project into a professional project without export and plugin hassles.

Yamaha drums set in the Dangerous live room surrounded by microphone stands, electric guitars and amplifiers at Flux recording studios

The 486 sq ft live room has two separate isolation rooms and a vocal booth with a full line of sight into the live room and the control room. The live room is modular and can be separated into two sonically isolated 200 sq ft rooms with a line of sight. Perfect for tracking full bands without compromising isolation between instruments.

Yamaha C6 grand piano with a vintage C12 microphone in the vocal booth, an electric guitar plugged into a fender amp in the Dangerous live room at Flux recording studios
The Dangerous live room features a collection of high-end instruments and amps, including a Yamaha C6 Grand Piano with Disklavier system, late 70s Yamaha Recording Custom drums, a 70s Fender Rhodes, 70s Wurlitzer electric piano, and a 60s Hammond C3 organ with matching Leslie.
A close-up of an electric guitar and a fender band-master amp in the Dangerous Live room at Flux recording Studios

FLUX’s list of 120+ microphones includes classics like a perfect AKG C12 and Neumann U47s from the 50s, Neumann U67s, M269s, a Fet 47 and U87s, Norelco C60s, AKG C28Cs, Coles 4038, a Bock 251 as well as other brands of mics like Royer, Lauten Audio, Sennheiser, Shure, and many others.

A collection of vintage and modern microphones at Flux recording Studios

“Flux feels like home. Comfort is a big deal to me.”


Engineer / Producer

(Jay Z, Usher, Eminem, Nat King Cole)

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